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[17 Oct 2003|06:13pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life.

Eiri is either ignoring me or forgot about me.
Tiiu is not himself.
Trigger*Slip mocks me.
Ani is always with Roux.
Macabre wants to hurt me.
Zac is so distant.
Trevor is..No where?

I..Just don't know. What to do, what I WOULD do..What I SHOULD do.

And..The stupid book store I worked at had to let me go, cause it was going out of business.

So i applied at this little bakery..I hope I get the job, or else..I'd have to ask my paretns for help.
But, they don't know me anymore.

Today is not a good day. Nor week...Or probably month.

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[24 Sep 2003|05:52pm]
I feel so out of the loop.
Schools a big time consumer, and all the work too.
I also have to manage my little job at the bookstore...

I want to see my friends!
I miss their smiles and odd jokes.

I miss Eiri...

I..I know we're not an item.
But I havent seen him for so long, it's like I've lost him.

Ever since he got that new house with the others..it's like it ate him.
His bandages are on..so is his blank stare.

I wish I knew.

How to handle it all perfectly, so in the end..Everyone smiled.
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[13 Sep 2003|09:56pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Eee! Someone help!

I can't stop singing! >_

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[06 Sep 2003|04:40pm]
[ mood | confused ]

The most wonderful thin in all my life has finally happened to me.
I could never ask for more.
I could never let him go.

But why? Why does he begin to bind himself away from me again?
Why do I always end up falling?

I love him so much.

I wish I was good enough in his eyes.


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laliho! [02 Sep 2003|02:13pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Looky! Ani gotta journal! limetechno

Thanks everyone, for helping with my broken arm ^^'

*Nuzzlenuzzles Eiri*

Now that school is back in I feel that I have alot more purpose.
Before I'd just mope around and accidentally annoy Eiri and other people.
But now I have stuffs to do!

It's a good feeling.


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owie! [29 Aug 2003|05:48pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Today was laundry day.
Seeing as I have no dryer nor washer, I take it to a dry cleaner thingy. So I got all my clothes and sheets that needed to be washed in a HUGE basket and started to walk downstairs.

and I fell!

It was such a long fall!
and the laundry basket fell on ME x_x

So I had to call the doctor cause I was having trouble moving my left arm, and hey guess what .___.


at least I got to have a pretty pink cast. Even though it weighs more than myself.
But I really need Eiri, I feel really down about this. It's so hard typing with one hand..but there is nothing else to do! cause I can't do anythiiiing *whine*

Ani and Trig said they'd bring people over to help me.

But right now, I don't want anyone but Eiri >.<''

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dum-de-dum [24 Aug 2003|06:03pm]

Livejournal Mood Ring

is happy.

You're a rosy-cheeked ray of f'ing sunshine 24/7. I bet you smile a lot and little things don't get you down. Must be nice. Fuchsia's definitely your color.

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I'm not always happy! Biut fucsia is a very nice colour.

I'm gonna call Eiri soon and see what he is up to. I'm getting kinda bored, or lonely. Nothing to do, so I am updating this.

Zac says my house is too clean -__-
I just don't do much to mess it up, really.

hope Eiri is home.

Ja ne!
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[17 Aug 2003|11:51am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

My aprents just sent me some more money. They pay me to stay away from them, lol!

But anyways. Yeah, so I went out to get some groceries, cause I'm running low on food. And I met up with an old friend! I haven't seen him for SO long, it was really nice to see his smiling face. Actually, it was really nice to see a smiling face in general, other than my own.
Anyways, he said we should get together for coffee sometime. So I'm gonna get ready soon and call him.
He's really doing well for himself too, he's gonna try to get into medical school soon. Like that weird Trigger*Slip person. She's been in medical school for like, a million years. I think she's just gonna stay there forever.

well, uhm, that's all for now!

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[13 Aug 2003|03:12pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Today is not a good day.

It was raining when I woke up.
The baby bird died.

And I have a cold. My head hurts and my nose is plugged, and my bones ache.

Never before have I felt so low, but I want to be happy.

Happy for the people who rely on it.

Maybe after a warm cup of cocoa and a shower, I might be able to peel off this depressing coat.

Updating this seems to give me some satisfaction, I think I'm ready now.

Bye bye.

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flowerinthecellar [11 Aug 2003|07:26pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Mmm. Okay!
With much frustratiob, I've managed to understand some of the mumbling Eiri was trying to say on how to work this thing.
Now let me see, what should I put in here? I guess I should write about myself. I should use one of the quizzes that Trigger*Slip always does. Let me find one..

Here we go!

Name: Hide
Age: 16
1) Where is your favorite place to shop?: grocery stores, book stores, clothing stores!
2) Any tattoos or piercings?: Ears
3) Do you do drugs: No!
4) What are you most scared of: losing Eiri
5) What are you listening to right now: Trig cursing at the washing machine
6) Color: Pink, Orange, Purple
7)If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?: I'd be different in a way so Eiri would love me more

1) Given anyone a bath: I think so.
2) Smoked: No
3) Bungee jumped: Not recently..
4) Broken the law: Not yet ^_^!
5) Went skinny dipping?: uh huh..
6) Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: I cry all the time, at least once a day.

1. What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?: Sunny!
2. Do you consider yourself lucky? I've got Eiri!
3. Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?: Oh yes.
4. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: happy!
5. Do you own any plaid clothing? probably
6. Favorite Quote: "We're all mad here!"

1. The very pretty red and pink dress Ani made me
2. butterfly clips
3. a little makeup
4. jewlery
5. hair?

1. Have you ever spat on anybody?: yes
2. Have you been spat on?: Yes
3. Have you ever got drunk?: don't remember...
4. Do you ever feel murderous to any of your friends? Not my friends!
5. Do you want sex?: Eiri ^___^!
6. Do you carry scissors with you?: No
7. Are your parents freaks?: I think so.
8. Have you ever tried drugs?: No
9. Do you treat your parents bad?: no..
10. Are you ashamed of it?: no.
11. Do you have a mobile? a what?
13. What's your favorite alcohol?: soda water?
14. Can you talk properly?: nope
15. What are you wearing?: a dress?
16. How often do you think about sex?: sometimes!
17. What are you watching?: Trigger*Slip abuse the washingmachine
18. Are you stupid?: sometimes
19. Are you a loner?: i'm usually with my Eiri
20. How many times have you fallen off your bike?: alot!
21. Have you ever tried self-torture?: No..
22. Where's the best place you've been to?: Eiri's house!
23. Is your country a cesspit?: Nani?
24. Do you like arson?: I like Eiri!
25. What sport do you like?: Soccer
26. Have you ever stolen anything?: one time I was really bad and took Eiri's bandages ^_^''
1. Things you like in the opposite sex: opposite?
2. When was your first *real* kiss: A long time ago
3. Are you a virgin: ...
4. The most romantic words anyone has said to you was: "I care."
5. Which is more important- personality or looks?: personality. But Eiri is very good looking ^_^
6. First boyfriend/girlfriend: I love Eiri
7. Lights on or off? lights?
8. Eyes open or closed? to look?
9. Bunk-bed or waterbed? waterbed
10. Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? Both!

1. Sweet or sour? Sweet!
2. Considered being a hooker? Eek!
3. Considered being a pimp? Nooo
4. Are you psycho? ok!
5. Insecure: yeah
6. Shy: sorta
7. Difficult: in?
8. Attractive: No!
9. Bored Easily: Not really
10. Responsible: I try ti be, for Eiri
11. Moody: sometimes

1. You touched? Eiiri!
2. You talked to? Eiri
3. You hugged? EIRI!
4. You called? Ani
5. You kissed? Eiiiirii!
6. You yelled at? No one?
7. You laughed with?: Ani. Eiri doesn't laugh much.
1) What color is your house?: grey and white
2) What color are your eyes?: gold
3) What color are your socks?: not wearing any!
4) What color are your lips?: strawberry pink ^^
5) What color are your shoes?: i have lots
6) What color are your nails?: pink
7) What color is your hair?: blue black
8) What color is your car?: I don't have a car >_<
9) What color is your computer?: white
10) What color are your pants?: no pants

{*}ANY LAST WORDS?: Were there first words?

That was fun ^___^

I can't wait for Eiri-chan to get his journal going, I wanna know how he thinks ^_^''

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How does Hide work this thingy? [11 Aug 2003|12:14am]
Nyooo? am I working it right?
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